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Saines Eaux helps families make intelligent choices when it comes to their tap water. We believe that through education, screening and advices, we can help you make choices that promote your health while being environmentally friendly.


Mapping. Screening. Tips.

Saines Eaux is your guide in achieving quality tap water.

We inform you about the most common contaminants in your area, help you detect them in your water and advise you - in a totally impartial way - on the solutions to adopt in case of contamination.



In Quebec only, the drinking water of about half a million people flows through lead pipes, exposing the residents to lead-related human health effects such as intellectual development disorders in children and reproductive disorders in adults. You think you're part of them?


Private wells - E.Coli

1.2 million Quebecers have a private well as their drinking water source. It is estimated that one in three wells would be contaminated. Having your well water tested twice a year to avoid bacteriological contamination is strongly recommended. Our screening kit is a reliable indicator.


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